None Shall Fall + Man As Plague + Despicable Heroes

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zaterdag, nov 29, 2014 Open: 21:00 Aanvang: 21:30 Prijs: €5


None Shall Fall is a five piece hardcore band from The Northern parts of The Netherlands. The numbers are build up from fast hardcore with metal influences. The pounding, heavy and fast riffs alternate with break downs and sing-a-longs. The band members are influenced by bands such as: Evergreen Terrace, Killswitch Engage, Comeback Kid and Parkway Drive.

The vocal lines are brutal, powerful and are supported by roaring second voice … The lyrics are intended to make people think and grab you by the! With pounding drums and a bass, the numbers are brutal….

Play, play and play again, that’s what the band wants to …
None Shall Fall is pure hardcore metal … and guarantees a awesome live show!

None shall fall:
Pieter Slings Vocals
Maarten Hensen Guitar & backing vocals
Marco Levering Guitars
Erik van der Kwast Drums
Jeroen Oskam Bass


It began almost like any other… Within a day after the visit fever took over and the swellings turned black, occasionally coughing up blood.

The year was 2011 when the outbreak of The Plague was confirmed, originating from a remote location in the north-western part of the Netherlands. Before getting the symptoms people claim to have visited a music concert. One thing is certain, The Plague is spreading…..

plague [pleyg] noun, verb, plagued, pla•guing.
1. an epidemic disease that causes high mortality;
2. any widespread affliction, calamity, or evil, especially one regarded as a direct punishment by God: a plague of war and desolation.
3. any cause of trouble, annoyance, or vexation.


Fast, Energetic and Honest Metalcore hailing from The Netherlands.
From time ’till time”
We’re trying to find our way from Djentisch Metalcore to Melodic Hardcore.

Kevin Bos, Vocals
Sander van Tent, Guitar
Sam Rijken, Drums
Gino van Middendorp, Bass

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