Buck Moon/ Hexeneiche/ Saenyo

Buck Moon/ Hexeneiche/ Saenyo
  • Concert
zondag, mrt 19, 2023 Open: 15:00 Aanvang: 16:00 Prijs: €5,-
avantgardistische en experimentele klanken

Een middagje met avantgardistische en experimentele klanken in de Groote Weiver speciaal voor de avontuurlijke muziekliefhebber.
Maar liefst drie acts voeren jullie vanmiddag via etherische drone naar spookachtige electronica tot zinderende noise. Het hele spectrum van fluisterzacht tot bikkelhard dus!

Entree: € 5,-

Buck Moon

Buck Moon
The duo was formed in summer 2021 by Julius Ménard (who runs Grisaille Tapes) and Julian Flemming (who runs the Econore label), influenced by the turn of the century free psychedelic scene and the sounds of Natural Snow Buildings and Twinsistermoon. The sounds they extract from their instrumentation of singing bowls, bowed guitars, ethereal vocals, reversed guitar loops are like field recordings of the mind – abstract, but strongly relatable, they trigger a sort of universal memory, a strong presence of the things absent. They currently live in Steinfurt and Mönchengladbach, Germany.
Backland Melodies (10“ lathe cut / self released 2022)
Between The Tides (Cassette / Otomatik Muziek 2022)
Struppig Droehnen compilation (CD / licht-ung 2021)
Heatwave compilation (Cassette / Grisaille 2021)
Self titled (Cassette / Econore 2021)


HEXENEICHE is a hybrid of some sorts: half Dutch, half American, mixing individual baggage into something that combines the bleakness of Northern Europe with the sensual heat of the American South. Both a labour of love and a quest for progress, featuring a delicate layering of tape loops into the infinite and spiking it up with rowdy beats. Synths spitting out distant dubs from left of nowhere and a boy and a girl trying to give it a meaning, to make some sense.
HEXENEICHE is a duo of Leilani Trowell and Steffan de Turck.


Saenyo is the personal project of Peter Huizinga, that moves mainly between ambient and noise.
Which means that many other roads are also taken.
Right now he’s working on a guitar set with some old fuzzes, probably a lot on the noise end!
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