Dean McPhee + Racker&Orphan

Dean McPhee + Racker&Orphan
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zaterdag, nov 07, 2015 Open: 20:00 Aanvang: 20:30 Prijs: € 5,-

Kom genieten van een avond vol muziek met de Britse gitarist Dean Mcphee en het duo Racker&Orphan!

Dean McPhee heeft zich toegelegd op de elektrische gitaar en haalt zijn invloeden uit een breed scala aan genres als Britse folk, postrock, krautrock, maar ook wereldmuziek en jazz.

Racker&Orphan zorgen voor een meeslepende en verrassende show met geïmproviseerde muziek en live-projecties op organische materialen.

Dean McPhee
Solo electric guitarist Dean McPhee’s spacious, hypnotic and echo-laden music brings together a broad range of influences including Medieval Folk, Dub, Post Rock, Kosmische Musik, Desert Blues, Moroccan Trance and Ambient/Drone, but his singular approach to the instrument is very much his own. Having developed his unique style of playing over years of experimentation and improvisation, his critically acclaimed releases on the Blast First Petite, Folklore Tapes, World in Winter and Hood Faire labels and mesmerising live performances have cemented his reputation as being one of the most original and distinctive musicians in the current crop of post-Fahey guitar soli. “On the Wire” presenter and legendary champion of unusual and esoteric music Steve Barker recently described Dean as being “definitely one of the leading contemporary guitar stylists in the UK, and in the world” and his 2015 album “Fatima’s Hand” has been widely praised by sources such as The Wire, Uncut, Record Collector, Music OMH, DOA, Drowned in Sound, MOJO Magazine and ATTN: Magazine.

Racker&Orphan is a duo consisting of two of the UK’s most enigmatic and artful experimentalists, Sam McLoughlin (N Racker/Sam and the Plants) and David Chatton-Barker aka David Orphan (Folklore Tapes). Using handmade instruments and analogue projections, their live performances are absorbing and unpredictable. Racker&Orphan’s 10″ album “Sounds of Insects” was released earlier this year on the Hood Faire label and is a direct homage to an old Scholastic/Folkways field recordings LP of the same name by Albro T. Gaul and found Racker&Orphan using a mysterious blend of specialised field recording and sympathetic reassembling to create mysterious and absorbing insectile soundscapes. Sam and David were recently seen supporting Richard Skelton at St John’s Church in London, performing improvised music and live projections using organic materials and microscopic film as part of a live performance of Rob St John’s “Surface Tension” project. Earlier this year “Sounds of Insects” received a great four star review from Record Collector and was described by “We Need No Swords” blog as being “one of the most diverting and interesting releases of the year”.

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