Electric Driver Live + Support Acts Delirious & DJ Thor

Electric Driver Live + Support Acts Delirious & DJ Thor
  • Concert
zaterdag, mei 18, 2024 Open: 20:30 Aanvang: 21:00 Prijs: VVK: €5 Deur: €7,50

Na een roerige periode met veel onzekerheid hebben we het eindelijk voor elkaar, Electric Driver komt ons podium onveilig maken! 

Mend This World does make a statement. True! You know, we all love this
little marvelous blue marble we live on and sometimes we forget how
extremely unique planet Earth really is and how tiny we all are in the
great scheme of things. Enjoy life but treat our planet ever so gentle.
It truly can’t go on like this… If we don’t act soon, nature
eventually will!

So, make yourself useful in your community – or
wherever – by using durable sources of energy. Go and get yourself an
electric car – or even better -; go find out how Nikola Tesla made one
to drive himself around without a battery pack, a century ago. Each of
us can make a difference. Let’s fix this mess quickly. Or in rock n’
roll-terms; move your ass!

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