Punk Matinee editie vier! F.U.A. & The Rabid Ones

Punk Matinee editie vier! F.U.A. & The Rabid Ones
  • Concert
zondag, apr 16, 2023 Open: 15:00 Aanvang: 16:00 Prijs: €6,-
Punk op de zondagmiddag, kan je vroeg naar bed 😉

At one drunken night at Sleazefest 2018 Barry and Menno were having a beer, met with Cuf and
suggested the brilliant idea to start a band. The next day, during a massive hangover, Cuf thought
this was just a drunk idea, but lo and behold! In one week Menno, Barry and Cuf got together for a
practice session and that day The Rabid Ones were born! After six months of song writing, practicing,
lots of beers (and beer can basketball), the first gig at Camping Zeeburg became a reality. After that the gigs in local Amsterdam venues started, the trio had a blast! But then Covid hit.. But
with the hit of Covid came another drunk idea of a jam session with a second guitar player. This
turned out to be a great idea. Covid hit and Nick hit The Rabid Ones and became a regular member
straight away. After two years of just practicing behind closed doors, we are back! Ready to show
the crowd some punk rock, get drunk and go down The Rabid hole!
F.U.A. is a Dutch light and heavy punk creation of four friends who are all self-taught musicians. The band started by accident when drummer Sander Pietersen was practicing with his friend at a local bar. That same day singer Daphne De Heij walked past and interested by the sounds, entered the bar.It did not take long before she grabbed a microphone and bursted out some self-written lyrics.Later F.U.A. was fully formed when bass player Robbert Van Der Bijl and eventually guitarist Mitchell Verschoor joined the group. The band started creating their own songs while simultaneously learning to play as a band. When F.U.A. had just one song they immediatly performed it live without second thought. The audience really liked the way the band presented itself.Generally having a good time and doing crazy on stage with easy to remember sing-along songs. F.U.A then quickly started to grow as a small underground punkrock band. The demo released in 2015, while in low quality, was immediately sold-out. Armed with their own style F.U.A. took over the Dutch city of Purmerend as the go-to punkrock band.

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