Villaintropist + Chtulhu + Ties that bind

Villaintropist + Chtulhu + Ties that bind
  • Concert
zaterdag, feb 08, 2020 Open: 20:30 Aanvang: 21:00 Prijs: €6

Villaintropist is currently a three-piece thrash metalband from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Founded early 2019, the band finds its musical roots in the fast and aggressive style pioneered in the San Fransisco Bay area in the 80’s. They combine this with a modern touch and strive to create emotion-fueled music

Cthulhu, a 4 piece thrash metalband with a fierce desire to produce a new and fresh batch of Thrash. Going with heavy metal vocals and doubled guitar solos this band is one to see!

Van Ties that bind volgt nog info.

Cthulhu, Ties that bind, Villaintropist
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